All is Not Merriment Beneath the Twinkling Lights

Be a fly on the wall during our Christmas morning and what would you see? A picturesque 4 ½ foot Christmas tree perched on a low table covered with a white tree skirt. The twinkling colored lights reflected in the glass doors to the back porch. Full stockings hang from the mantel above the fireplace.... Continue Reading →


What Does a 1983 Oldsmobile Have in Common With my Writing?

“That’s too much car for such a little girl.” The condescending words came from a middle-aged man standing in the small crowd gathering around my 1983 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency. It was the summer of 1998, and this behemoth was my beloved, first car. It was navy blue, with air-conditioning, automatic everything, and was a whopping... Continue Reading →

The Fragility of Holidays

My Mother’s Day this year was rough. I know that for many, the day is a time of sorrow due to grief, estranged relationships, and infertility. I by no means take for granted my splendid mother and my healthy son. But the day was not all rainbows and cupcakes, and if the events that unfolded... Continue Reading →

Writers Anonymous

Hello! I’m Sarah, and I am a writer. I’m leaving the cozy safety of my own solo Writers Anonymous meeting and going public. In my circles, I’m known as a multitasking housewife, a school PTA volunteer, a nonprofit board member, a church parishioner, and a mom to a seven-year-old, rambunctious boy. So I wear a... Continue Reading →

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